45 Second Soft Serve Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream

This quick and super easy recipe is a great way to keep cool! It’s can also be easily adapted to a lower calories option! You can really use any berry in this recipe. But Strawberry is a personal favorite with blueberries being a close second. We call this one-minute ice cream because it’s so quick and easy to get a delicious treat. 

Squash and Couscous Salad

This recipe is great for the summer or fall, a quick bite or family dinner. This recipe calls for couscous, but if you wanted to make it a little heartier, try wheat berries! The extra fiber will help keep you full. And don’t hold back on the garlic. We say one clove, but honestly, 2-3 is the perfect amount!

Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes

Pumpkin anything is delicious. This pumpkin pecan recipe is the best that I have tried so far, I guaranty you will love it too. It’s perfect for a weekend breakfast to add something extra to your pancakes. Be sure to top with your favorite syrup to make it shine!

Ziti with Honey Mustard Salmon

The salmon here is toasted with a thin coat of honey and a sprinkle of pepper. With the sweetness of the honey and the heat and acidity of the mustard brings a nice balance. We recommend pairing it with ziti/penne. But it’s really up to you. A nice spaghetti noodle would go well with this too. THe nice thing about this email is that it doesn’t take long to throw together, so it’s perfect for weekdays! 

Simple Green Split Pea Soup

If you got a leftover ham hock, there is no better recipe to try! Keep dried split peas in your cupboard for whenever the occasion calls. Pea soup requires split peas and water (or stock, of course).  Split peas fall apart quickly, and it’s easy to inadvertently make this soup too thick, so watch it (you can always stir in more water to thin it out).

Yogurt Biscuits

The easiest and best way to make biscuits is with yogurt, which produces tangy, tender, and flaky results. Buttermilk is my second choice. I know it sounds weird! But a good biscuit is hard to come by and I’ve found using yogurt really ups the flavor of each bite. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

White Chicken Chili

A twist on a classic. Replace the usual beef with chicken for a lighter yet savory option.  While you don’t have to add the beans, we think they really round out each bite to make it the perfect chili. Tasty and spicy chicken chili made with chicken. Perfect for dinner anytime of year!

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