4 Tips Everyone Should Know To Grill The Best Steaks

From Memorial Day weekend to Fourth of July all the way through until Labor Day Weekend, it’s grilling season in America!

The backyard barbeque is as American as it gets, and everyone wants to be known as the guy or gal who can grill with the best of them. Well, if you are wanting to become a master at grilling steaks this article for you.

Here are 4 tips everyone should know to grill the best steaks.

1. Choosing the right cut

Everyone has their favorite cut of steak and with the diet crazes today lots of people are going for more lean steaks such as top sirloin and sirloin tip. Depending on the fat content of the steak your grilling time will be different. We are at lovelyfoodblog are fans of the fattier steaks such as ribeye’s and New York strips. The fat adds more flavor to the steak. Bone in steaks also add more natural flavor. So, choosing the right cut for your guests and for the amount of time you want to spend at the grill is very important.

2. When To Buy Your Steaks

Fitting in time to go get your meats into your busy schedule can be a large task for some. You may be tempted to buy before hand and keep the steaks either in your freezer if you are buying the steaks for more than a few days in advance or in your fridge if you buy a couple of days in advance. We recommend buying fresh, the day before your BBQ and marinating overnight. Having to defrost steaks and then marinating them will cost you more time. Letting your steaks marinate in your best steak seasoning for at least 24 hours will allow the seasoning to be absorbed into the meat. Lots of people season their steaks while they are on the grill and most of it simply burns off on the grill itself.

3. Choosing the right temperatures

For those who have larger grills this will be much easier. You can set your burners on one side for very hot for searing, and on the other side you can set them a little cooler for a slower more even temperature. Not everyone likes their steaks the same and not everyone will ask for the same temperature at the same time, so being able to cook at different temperatures at different intervals is a must. For those with smaller grills start by putting on the steaks that will be cooked more and then adding the less cooked orders at the end if you want them all to be finished at the same time.

4. Butter, Butter, Butter = Better, Better, Better

Here we go again with the “unhealthy fats”. Yes fats in high consumption are bad for you. However, you are grilling, you are living a little today! You want to impress your guests, they are all steak lovers! Go ahead and add some butter to the top of those steaks as soon as you pull them off the grill. Cover the steaks and let them sit for 5-10 minutes to cool and let that butter and those juices meld! You will NOT regret it!

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