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Fish Rolls

Occasionally called Fish Patties, this is a delicious mix of spices and fish fried to perfection!

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Fish Yassa

Recently, I recalled the fish dish and tried to figure out what went into it. In my research, I came across a lot of references to a Senegalese dish made with variations of lemon, vinegar, and mustard.

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Fish And Chips

Moist, tender fish fillets wrapped in a light crispy beer batter, served with crunchy twice fried chips. The trick to making sure everything stays crispy until it hits the table is to double fry them.

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Fish Veracruz

Pescado a la Veracruzana literally means fish in the style of Veracruz. Fish Veracruz is light, colorful and simple Mexican dish with tomatoes, capers and olives.

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