Chicken Recipes

Chicken Cacciatore

If you try this recipe for family dinner, by the end everyone will be calling you a chef. Yes, we recommend cutting up your own whole chicken, but feel free to get a precut chicken to save some time! While this recipe says 1 clove of garlic…we won’t tell if you use 3-4. If there is a such a thing as “too much garlic” we haven’t found it yet. Serve with rice or pasta to round the dish out!

White Chicken Chili

A twist on a classic. Replace the usual beef with chicken for a lighter yet savory option.  While you don’t have to add the beans, we think they really round out each bite to make it the perfect chili. Tasty and spicy chicken chili made with chicken. Perfect for dinner anytime of year!

Garlic And Herb Grilled Chicken

My family and I love grilled chicken, especially when it’s well seasoned with all kinds of spices and herbs! Garlic and Chicken make this dish complete.  We recommend using fresh sage and rosemary, but since that’s not always doable, I keep freeze-dried on hand. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this particular recipe. Highly seasoned chicken with a popping garlic flavor.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Need food ideas for the big game? We’ve got you covered! Why not whip up a batch of these lemon pepper chicken wings instead of ordering pizza? If you follow these directions you’ll have tasty chicken wings in about 35 minutes. Be sure to plan this in advance though as marinating of the wings is needed.  We’ve found it goes great with a side of potatoes or pasta salad!

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